List of mining pools for Monero: Minexmr, nanopool, supportxmr, and others


With the explosive popularity of Monero over the past year, a myriad of different mining pools have charged into the scene. Unfortunately, navigating this jungle of pools has become increasingly difficult. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! All of these pools have received positive mentions and have been vouched for by many enthusiastic members of the mining community. That being said, we take no responsibility for any fraudulent activity by these pools. If they decide to run with your money, that’s on them.

In our Monero mining guide, we’ve used the pool. Monerohash takes relatively low fees, some of which is actually donated to the Monero Core development team. They’re also currently classified as a smaller mining pool (has less than 3% of the overall network hash rate), so by mining with them, you’ll be contributing to the decentralized nature of the network. Within the Monero community, they have a solid reputation.

Here’s the full list of pools:

Although there are definitely pools out there that we are not aware of, these are by far the most trusted and popular ones. If there’s a pool you’d like to be added to this list, leave a comment below.

Consider joining a small mining pool, as to not allow one mining pool to rule the network.  For if one pool were to gain over 51% of the hash rate, as has happened with multiple cryptocurrencies in the past, they have the ability to force the network to migrate over to a new chain while double-spending in the process.

If you have yet to set up your Monero miner or are having difficulty doing so, be sure to refer to our Monero mining guide. And if you need help putting together a hardware GPU rig, check out our guide for that, too (GPU mining rigs are usually about the same across the board).

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