Inno3D shows off its new MC3865-9-104-4GB pre-made ‘Crypto Mining System’ at CES 2018


While this year’s CES is a big year for things like smart assistants, drones, and other at-the-forefront technologies, it hasn’t been a big one for cryptocurrency mining. As far as we can tell, the only notable companies showing off products are Ledger (with its hardware wallets), Kodak (which is doing an ICO for a new video platform, and Inno3D, which is showing off mining rigs.

We didn’t get a chance to stop by the Inno3D booth, but luckily one of our forum members, known simply as Mike, did. He shared the above images of the rig on display at the convention, as well as a full spec sheet for the company’s aptly-named “Crypto Mining System”.

The company apparently has a few different models (you can check them all out on the Inno3D website), but Mike managed to capture a shot of the spec sheets for two that they had on display: MC3865-9-100-6GB and MC3865-9-090-6GB. The company also showed off its brand-new MC3865-9-104-4GB, which is a 4GB rig that has 9 GPUs. Those are all P104-100 mining-optimized cards.

Crypto Mining System MC3865-9-104 Full Specs

As mentioned, the MC3865-9-104 sports 9 Nvidia P104-100 GPUs, which are optimized for performance mining Ethereum, Monero, and ZCash. On ETH, the rig will get around 310 Mh/s, while it gets about 6,000 H/s on Monero and about 4,300 Sol/s on ZEC.  All of these cards are obviously docked in 9 PCE-e x16 slots.

The system has 4GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, an Intel Celeron 3865U processor, and an optional 2200W power supply. On the software side of things, it can run whatever you want it to, basically — although support is officially listed as Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

Should you buy a MC3865-9-104?

Unfortunately, the biggest downside with any system like this — Panda Miner, ASICs, and others included — is that the warranty period is usually pretty short, and resale value is likely to drop exponentially over time. At least when you build your own rig with mainstream GPUs, you can use it for other purposes and eventually resell the cards at low prices to hungry gamers when you’re done. If you want to do that, we have a huge number of guides that can help you. Here’s our guide for Ethereum, for example.

But the MC3865-9-104 clearly isn’t aimed at most people. It’s aimed at those who are setting up industrial-level mining operations, and if that’s you, then a rig like this might be a good idea. It definitely saves you time with the construction of rigs (and the deconstruction when you’re done), and it maximizes your earning potential for every single watt consumed. If that sounds like it’s what you need, then Inno3D has more information about its MC3865-9-104 over at its website.

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