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Our goal at How to Mine is the make mining accessible to all, and today we’re expanding that goal with the opening of a new forum section (yep, we have a forum if you didn’t know) called “Build Requests”. It’s pretty simple: you tell us about yourself and what you want to build, and we assemble a piece-by-piece recommendation for hardware based on current prices and availability.

To get started, simply click the button you see above. From there, you’ll need to sign up for the How to Mine forums (you can use the drop-down at the top of the page), and click the blue “Post New Thread” button within the correct forum section. Be sure to read our requirements first.

As you know, this new section is in addition to the mining rig assembly guides that we’ve already pre-compiled. If you’re looking to build a GPU mining rig for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, you can learn how to do so by visiting the “How to Build” category here on the site. From there, you’ll get great recommendations that should point you in the right direction.

But since mining changes so fast, and the availability and price of hardware changes nearly every day, it would be impossible to keep those guides updated with the most recent, best, and accurate mining hardware recommendations. So that’s why we started “Build Requests”. If you’re willing to wait a little while for us to help you one-on-one, we’ll get you the best possible recommendations.

This service is free for the foreseeable future, and we hope that our growing forum community will help us compile these mining rig hardware recommendations going forward. Once again, our goal is to make mining accessible to all, and the currently-available information on the web can be very confusing to those who aren’t already versed in computers. With this site, we hope to change that.

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