Bitmain launches the Antminer A3 ASIC for Siacoin (Blake2b)


Today, Bitmain surprisingly released a new Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner. Unlike most other Bitmain products, the Antminer A3 is geared towards mining cryptocurrencies with the Blake(2b) hashing algorithm instead of Litecoin (Scrypt).

Mineable coins running Blake(2b) includes Siacoin

The most notable on this list being Siacoin (SC), which planned to launch its own Siacoin-specific ASIC miner. The Obelisk SC1, as it’s being called, was to release no earlier than August 31, 2018 at a price point of $1,599.00 USD. But with an out-of-the-blue launch of a Blake(2b) ASIC miner of their own, Bitmain appears to have come out on top, while those who pre-ordered the Obelisk SC1 will be stuck waiting seven months.

It’s also worth noting that the same company that plans to manufacture the Obelisk SC1 also plans to manufacture the Obelisk DCR1, an ASIC miner for Decred.

How much does the Antminer A3 cost?

Unfortunately, the Antminer A3 comes at a higher price of $2,375.00 USD compared to the Obelisk SC1. To add insult to injury, it sold out within minutes, leaving anxious miners in waiting for the next limited opportunity to get their hands on the new lucrative units. The Antminer A3 produces a higher hash rate than the Obelisk SC1, however, and that higher hash rate coupled with the fact that it’s already available justifies its high price tag in the eyes of many eccentric miners.

Bitmain Antminer A3 profitability

Many fear that the Antminer A3 will inevitably result to another incident similar to the launch of the Antminer D3, which flooded the DASH mining scene. With such a huge demand for the incredibly lucrative D3, the difficulty for DASH mining increased exponentially, resulting a much lower than expected profitability for late-comers, causing many to lose out on their investment. According to CryptoCompare, the Antminer D3 now only returns a profit of $154.19 per year, compared to its $1,450.00 USD price tag.

Upon release, estimates say that the new Antminer A3 will return around $150,000.00 USD a year, more than what most people themselves earn annually. Previous experience with the Antminer D3, however, leads us to believe that expected annual profits will dwindle as the market is flooded with units.

Bitmain Antminer A3 specs

According to Bitmain’s shop, the Antminer A3 packs the following specifications:

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  • Ipče Ahmedovski

    Are u guys damn noobs ???? Decred is Blake256r14 not Blake2b

  • Aleks Clark

    Greetings, on the behalf of the sia community I’d like to welcome A3 miners to our project.

    We recommend staying away from antpool or f2pool, and going with some existing community-run pools. Sia is about storage, and we’ve already had issues with F2Pool in mining empty blocks, so if you want the coins you mined to continue to be worth something, please check out the complete list here:

    We really want to avoid bitcoin’s governance problems, and the community will take action if Sia’s function (storage) is threatened by bad pools, so please pick small pools and help us stay decentralized!

  • Andrew

    I bought two A3’s today for $980 each. I’m going to run both together and see what happens.