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    Don't talk to me about how to succeed! I've read success advice and books and articles. They're all?"

    "What Do You Think I am Going to Say??

    "They're all good? They're too good!

    Why Custom AC Milan Jerseys , when I've read just what to do to succeed, I am ready to tell the President to get out, so that I may show the world what real success is."

    "Those books inspire me! They wind me up like an alarm clock all set for success. They make me dream BIG dreams-and then in a few days, I wake up and start to forget! "

    You see dreaming of success is not enough, people succeed because they do something? they do something it in a big way."

    You have probably read that 'do something' ad?vice, but- let me tell you-there's something left out! And Authentic AC Milan Jerseys , to be honest I don't believe that very successful men actually know just how they succeed.

    "They're geniuses, and geniuses can do things without knowing how they do them."

    Let me explain? I can't play the piano, but my wife is a musical genius. She can play any tune she hears. She can play anything I whistle! But she doesn't know HOW she does it, and she can't tell me how she does it, in fact she can not even read music well!"

    "I believe that a lot of very successful people are success geniuses, and so AC Milan Jerseys For Sale , isn't it true that they can succeed without knowing just how they do it??

    Think of some especially gifted genius you might know, who was able to do some one thing astoundingly well without knowing how he did it.

    Geniuses are rare.

    In degree of capacity, they differ from the rest of us, and so, perhaps, eminently successful people - success geniuses - are able to succeed without being conscious of how they do it.

    So often the advice on suc?cess Cheap AC Milan Jerseys , which we read, comes from these people. But since they are geniuses, perhaps they don't know just what makes them successful any more than the natural born musician knows what makes it possible for him to play any air he hears without having been taught it.

    I think of my oldest daughter. She is eight and already is very good at playing the piano? like my wife. She's a musical genius. The piano keys do exactly what she wants them to do. She's a genius in playing the piano; but not more then a few weeks ago she asked me?

    ?What does the inside of a piano look like??

    She knew exactly what keys to press to make the piano do what she wanted yet she had no idea how the piano made the noise.

    It would be as wise to trust my yellow lab Titus to repair my piano then to leave it to my friend's daughter. Although my daughter Gayle plays the piano successfully, she knows noth?ing of the inside parts which determine its action.

    There's something left out in many of those books we read? You need to know the process of succeeding, and the means to be used. But, first you need to know which factors deter'mine success.

    "I've been thinking of the advice which the most successful people have given us. They think that the factors which deter'mine success are hard work Cheap Xavi Hernandez Jersey , enthusiasm, honesty, persistency, and so forth.

    These are valuable assets, but they are not the determining factors.

    "Knowledge, for instance Cheap Thomas Vermaelen Jersey , is a valuable asset, but it does not determine success- for there are thousands of men of knowl?edge who fail. Being industrious is a valuable asset, but not determining factors- for thousands of industrious workers fail to become successful men. We must dis?cover the determining factors first. Then, we'll know the factors which will always insure success-which will always make suc?cess certain."

    What are the factors then?

    They are: health, good ap?pearance, hard work Cheap Sergio Busquets Jersey , enthusiasm, industry, persistence, sincerity, earnestness, self-confidence Cheap Sergi Roberto Jersey , concentration, determination, honesty, good memory, self-control, tact Cheap Samuel Umtiti Jersey , patience, and imagination.

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