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    Balconies come in an almost limitless range of designs and materials and can be anything from purely functional to extremely decorative. They can range from a very small depth jutting out from an upper window Christian McCaffrey Jersey , the purpose of which is simply to open the French windows to permit more air and light into the room on a warm and sunny day, to something that runs the full width of your home with tables and outside seating. Similar very large balconies are often found attached to pubs and restaurants so that customers can enjoy the open air and view the scenery while having a few drinks or a meal.

    Balconies in Milton Keynes can be supported on posts from the ground below or they can be supported on brackets protruding from the wall on which they are suspended. Today, balconies can be easily added to existing buildings in a variety of designs and formats, depending on the requirements of the property owners. The balustrade forming the perimeter guard around the balcony can be of many different designs and could be frameless clear structural glass Jordan Scarlett Jersey , framed systems with vertical infill bars, or simply solid walls.

    Juliet balconies are so called after Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, although there is no record in the play of a balcony, merely Juliet speaking from an upstairs window. A Juliet balcony really does not have an external protruding floor but is simply a balustrade in front of a room with (usually) double glass French doors instead of a window. The doors can be opened allowing light and air into the room Christian Miller Jersey , but that is all.

    Balconies today can make use of composite decking. This is made from recycled plastic and is a great alternative to real wood decking. It comes in a variety of finishes and can include an aged wood finish, a burnt wood finish, and a smooth wood-grain finish. This type of decking has the advantage that it cannot rot, doesn't warp or crack Will Grier Jersey , and is anti-slip which is a very useful feature on a balcony. It is also virtually maintenance-free.

    Modern balconies can also incorporate photovoltaic glass. The greatest source of power on the planet is that of the sun and it comes totally free of charge. Some 89,000 TW of sunlight reaches the surface of the earth from the sun, which is nearly 6,000 times the mere 15 TW of power used by humans Greg Little Jersey , so it is plentiful. In many countries, more and more photovoltaic glass panels are being fitted to buildings as additions, and they are also being set up in great rows on open spaces in order to capture this free energy and make use of it. However, most of these are additions to buildings and are not installed as part of the glass that is used in the building anyway.

    Today Brian Burns Jersey , that is beginning to change. It is quite possible to use photovoltaic glass in a building to replace conventional glass such as in windows or in the glass balustrading on balconies where it can be used to supply energy to the building. Photovoltaic glass is supplied in panels and is very easy to fit, although connecting it to the building's electricity supply or to the grid should be undertaken by an accredited photovoltaic installer. So where you have balconies that are being used for their primary purpose of letting light and air into the room or for sitting outside in the sun, their glass balustrading can at the same time be supplying energy.

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