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Discussion in 'Mining Software' started by NB71000, Jan 6, 2018.

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    I have a question:

    Does a downloadable meta client for multiple altcoins exist?

    My idea: since whattomine and similar sites often change the suggestions what to mine multiple times a day:

    is there

    - a client to be downloaded for more than one altcoin, or do I have to download them one by one?

    - Is there some software (maybe on github...) to switch my mining between various coins automatically according to preset parameters?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
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    Dec 13, 2017
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    There are lots of programs/app/services that can do this for you. Here are just a few that accomplish this:
    • MinerGate MinerGate has a "smart mining" option that lets you mine whatever coin is most profitable. The software probably isn't the best for those that are more savvy, but it works. Just like any mining pool, though, there are some fees associated. You can also mine multiple coins at the same time on it.
    • AutoMiner AutoMiner is probably the best choice for most in the savvy crowd. It actually uses Whattomine (as you mentioned) as the source for its data, and always ensures that you are using your card to mine whatever is the most profitable coin.
    • IPOMiner IPOMiner takes a different approach to automatically mining the "most profitable coin" but focusing on mining really new coins that have low difficulty and high earnings. Using IPOMiner, you'll be mining both the most profitable coins and the most promising new coins.
    You should find something that will work for you between these three options but if this isn't what you're looking for, let me know. We're glad to help any way we can!
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    Thank you very much
  4. Andrew Flinch

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    If you're new I definitely recommend MinerGaet. Like @lonelyboy mentioned, It is very beginner friendly and is more instantaneous and doesn't require as much research. It's a great starting point but I don't recommend setting up and just letting it run, understand why it makes the decisions it makes and this will allow you to make your own decisions and understand the ecosystem a bit more.
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  6. I am actually interested in this too. Which one did you decide to use @NB71000?

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