How to post a Build Request [Read This First]

Discussion in 'Build Requests' started by How to Mine, Jan 16, 2018.

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    We at How to Mine want to help any and all cryptocurrency enthusiasts from any background get started with mining, so we've opened up this forum section called "Build Requests". Here, you can tell us a few details about your situation, and we'll walk you through exactly what hardware you might want to buy given the current prices, availability, and value that various mining hardware can bring.

    But if we're going to do this efficiently, we need everyone to provide specific information in their posts. If you'd like your Request to not be moderated and deleted, provide all of the following information:
    • How this mining rig will be used (only for mining, mining and gaming, etc.)
    • How many rigs you are looking to build
    • Which cryptocurrencies you want to mine
    • Your previous experience with building mining rigs
    • Your budget to accomplish the above
    If you provide all of these above details, How to Mine forum staff (and other members of the community) will do their best to accommodate your needs and make recommendations for you. Please be patient, however, as the availability of mining hardware is always changing and it can take some time to put together a complete set of recommendations for your specific situation — from CPUs to GPUs to risers.
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