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    The latest "Path Of Exile" alliance has finally announced that it will look interesting. Introduce the path of exile harvest, or, as many have said, the path of exile Farmville! More than a week before the release, we have begun to see some very interesting skills and mechanisms. One of them is harvesting Union Mechanics. As the name implies, Harvest League is to obtain seeds from the map. If players use the power of POE Currency, they can quickly plant seeds and grow their own monsters-they should garden.

    After you have a few seeds, you can take them to a new NPC and head to the "Holy Grove". When you are ready, you can choose to germinate seeds, which will produce monsters that are killed. These monsters will power nearby machines so you can make recipes in them. The machine system looks quite complicated and allows you to transport fuel from one machine to another via cables. As the release approaches, I will learn more about how it works, and you can also Buy POE Currency on IGGM to fully prepare for the upcoming expansion.
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