Why is it that ppl pretend these simple xps create RuneScape easy scape

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    The biggest issue I have with the community is everyone so obsessed with xp stuff that is totally free? This has represented in a lot of these points. Why are RS gold people so obsessed with highscores? If you hitting top 1000 or perhaps arent a racer, then whats the point? Whats the purpose of leveling? You might get a gz and you'll feel good about yourself, but personally? The joy of reaching 99 at a skill will last me as long as murdering a supervisor for the first time in a challenging game ( like dark spirits ). Half an hour later as if nothing happened.

    Why is it that ppl pretend these simple xps create RuneScape easy scape? Its still a very, very grindy sport and you also dont see much helpful rewards at 99 levels anyway, usually before that ( 95 prayer, 96 overload, 92 scrimshaw, etc ) Can it make RuneScape easier? Surely if there would be rewards at the levels it could be more worth it? What use do have the majority of other or for cooking or agility abilities? If I dont have a use for these, you bet your ass I dont care if I can put countless bonus xp as with its grindy them and boring

    Thing is I despise predatory and notably arbitrary MTX and RuneScape isnt any better than other games, but because its a very grindy match, im gont take my free keys, oddments and events any time of day, because if im not seeing or perhaps playing something else during these actions im bored out of my mind just how long everything takes. Clarification I don't approve to enormous use of DXP or TH. I replaces TH with login rewards where you are able to collect a pack of your choice and would personally fix xp rates.

    Frankly the community's protests and engagement is like my favorite thing about RuneScape, and no other sport has an equally long history of resistance participant engagement and protests since RuneScape. I really don't think it's something to be ashamed about, it's it's up- and downsides. Obviously one should aim to be nice and keep it constructive - but there is nothing like putting on your pink that is full, attracting your cannon and rioting in falador square. We see the french copying this using their vest things in life, so that you can blame the players!

    RuneScape is all about training abilities. If you don't see how making abilities which take enter like summoning, herblore, con, dungeoneering, and putting in a booth that you just click every 5 minutes to level the skills up is a issue. "How about rather than doing anything linked to the skill at all, you simply click on this NPC and go afk!" Its almost as if most individuals don't desire RuneScape to be P2W and Jagex has always pushed the envelope with always more and more OP promos whilst constantly saying"We hear what you are saying about mtx".

    Then completely dismissing it 5 days after to release omega hydra lava lamps voucher another week. Weird proof that Jagex has no intention of slowing down on this MTX festival has direct the community. You act like that is an buy RS3 gold incorrect thing. If you are able to get a money cosmetic store, AND a slot machine that is 100 percent P2W convinced can act like this is the standard.

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